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Known as Karukera — or "Beautiful Waters" — by the native Carib people, Guadeloupe is a remote and exotic island that gives foreign businesses all the perks of European capitalism. With a Guadeloupe phone number, you can enter the heart of the French Caribbean without ever leaving home. Beautiful beaches and rich culture lure visitors from all over the world. But barriers of language and distance — not to mention frequent hurricanes and earthquakes — make setting up a business there a difficult proposition. With a Guadeloupe toll-free number, however, you can reach out to the lucrative markets without actually being there. A Guadeloupe virtual phone number gives your customers in the islands a way to reach you and your products, all from a safe distance.


Guadeloupe is All Yours with Virtual Numbers from

Virtual numbers aren't linked to a specific phone line, but instead are routed to any number or numbers of your choosing. When someone calls your number, that call lands wherever you need it to go, whether it's forwarded to a business, a landline, a home phone or a mobile phone. With a Guadeloupe virtual phone number, you can ensure that you'll never miss another call from your customers overseas. Give your customers the comfort and familiarity of a local number, or offer them the confidence that comes with the corporate feel of a Guadeloupe toll-free number.


Take Marketing to New Heights with Guadeloupe Phone Numbers

When you set up more than one Guadeloupe virtual phone number, you can experiment with different marketing campaigns. Try running the same ad in two different formats, one with a local number and one with a Guadeloupe toll-free number. Then, you can test the results of the different campaigns. offers a free trial, so there isn't any risk. You can launch your marketing test number during the introductory period. When the trial period is over, you can either keep the number you had or start fresh with a new one.


Powerful Features Fuel Your Telecommunications System

Use sequential dialing to ring several numbers, one after the other. If your primary line is occupied or unavailable, the call is automatically sent to your second number, then your third, and so on until someone answers. Or you can use simultaneous dialing, which rings all of the numbers at the same time, and then disconnects the call from all other lines when it is answered. Both of these strategies work to reduce the number of dropped calls, missed calls and calls that land on a voicemail to almost nothing. Failover routing prevents catastrophes during emergencies by switching calls from SIP to PSTN. Guadeloupe is a French market with French money, and the people who live there are eager for overseas business that they don't encounter locally. But setting up offices and call centers there forces you to depend on local infrastructure. With a Guadeloupe virtual number, however, your business has a direct connection to the market's customers — and you don't ever have to leave home.