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Known as the "Spice Island," Grenada suffered political and military troubles in the 1980s, but is now a tourist haven and major exporter of some of the most sought-after spices in the world. Grenada is on the rise — and you can get in on the action with a Grenada phone number, which can plug your business into the Caribbean economy without any need for you to establish a physical presence there. With a Grenada virtual phone number, any calls you receive from the island will be forwarded to your business back home using powerful features that ensure every call lands in the right place. You don't need offices and a call center, setting up a Grenada toll-free number is as good as having your business set up a branch on the island itself.


Gain Entry into Grenada with International Phone Numbers

Grenada is a country that many businesses use as a proving ground. It is common for companies to use Grenada's proximity to South America as a test market before branching out into the larger South American markets. This seemingly monumental task is made possible with an international phone number from With a Grenada virtual phone number, you can test a market without entering the country. Virtual numbers aren't associated with a specific phone line, but instead route incoming calls to any line or number of lines that the business chooses. This routing service can be managed down to the smallest specifics.


Get a Corporate-Level Telephone Network at Small Business Price

Calls can be forwarded to a landline, an office or a cellphone — have calls sent to your house when the office has closed for the night. You can choose either a local number or a toll-free number. A Grenada toll-free number can give your company the prestige that is normally reserved for major corporations. Local numbers, on the other hand, give callers the familiarity and comfort of dialing a number they've called before. Either way, your customers will never know that their call is leaving their country and landing at the offices of a business on a different continent. Time-of-day routing can push incoming calls to different lines, depending when the call was placed, whether you schedule it by the time of day or the day of the week. Schedules can be managed or changed by using our cloud-based management tools, which you can access from your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device, no matter where you are.


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With, there is never a commitment or contract, and you can cancel the service at any time. Each account comes with a free trial. All you have to do is choose a number, activate your account and get started. After the trial is over, it's up to you whether to keep the same number or start over with a new one. There are no setup fees, activation fees or a long, aggravating process for getting started. Simply look through our massive inventory for a number you like, activate the account and you'll be ready to start receiving calls from you new customers in as little as three minutes.