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Improve your Bottom Line with Fiji Phone Numbers

A Fiji virtual phone number can transport your business to the other side of the globe — all while your business stays right where it is. You don't need to set up an actual phone line or a call center to start receiving calls from Fiji, you simply need a Fiji phone number that gives the people there a way to reach you. Whether you cater to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock to Fiji's picturesque paradise every year, or to the local inhabitants, your business is always just a phone call away when you set up a Fiji toll-free number. A local phone number is your businesses stake in the multi-faceted and developed economy of this pristine island nation.


Telecommunications and Internet Access in Fiji

Fiji has a modern, efficient telecommunications network that is supported by telegraph and teleprinter facilities. Virtually all inhabited islands are connected by reliable telephone service, as are most towns and villages. There are around 88,000 landlines in Fiji and nearly a million mobile phones — around one for every inhabitant. Internet penetration has increased by double digits since 2010. The Internet submarine cable utilized by neighboring Australia has increased connectivity to residents of Fiji. There is more than 100 percent SIM penetration through prepaid wireless, which is boosting Fiji's level of Internet connectivity.


Capture the Market with a Fiji Phone Number from

When you do business in Fiji, you have not only the captive audience of the people who live there, but also the lucrative revolving door of the tourists seeking temporary solace in the island paradise. Either way, a Fiji virtual phone number can put your business in the heart of it all without ever requiring you to set up physical operations there. Virtual numbers aren't connected to a specific line. Instead, a customer places a call, and that call is then routed to your offices a world away — all without them ever knowing.


Use Your Fiji Virtual Phone Number for Marketing and Advertising

If you establish both a local number and a Fiji toll-free number, you can place identical ads with different phone numbers. This way, you can measure the results of each ad's performance, taking into consideration which phone number the ad contained. Do Fiji's residents and tourists like the corporate prestige that comes with a toll-free number, or did they respond better to the ad with the local number, which implies that you are a community business with local ties? Fiji is a traveler's paradise, but its remote location, cultural nuances and difficult geography can make it difficult to set up a physical enterprise there. But you don't need to be there to do business there. With a Fiji virtual phone number from, you give your customers a direct line to your business, your product and your service — all without them ever knowing that their call left the island.