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The people of Dominica are the proud descendents of ferociously independent natives, and the island nation is the home of the last surviving remnants of a people whose history dates back to antiquity. With a Dominica phone number, you can do business in this expanding economy without actually being there. You don't need to set up offices or even set up a phone line. A Dominica virtual phone number puts you in touch with the customers in your new market, all without leaving home. Simply set up a Dominica toll-free number and let our forwarding system do the rest.


Dominica: A Nation of Mobile Subscribers is Ready to Call Your Business

Like much of the Caribbean and the world, fixed rate subscribership is declining in Dominica. About 20 percent of the country now has landline service. But when it comes to mobile phones, the country is connected and ready to call your business. All three mobile providers have reported a steady increase in subscribership, with teledensity reaching a level of 150 phones per 100 people. The country is a landing point for the East Caribbean Fiber Optic System and the Global Caribbean Network. Although there is no terrestrial television on the island, many residents have satellite and cable subscriptions. There are six public radio stations and more than a dozen privately owned radio stations. The island is home to nearly 30,000 Internet users, who are supplied by more than 700 Internet hosts.


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When you do business in Dominica, you have not only the captive audience of the residents who live there, but also the never-ending revolving door of the ecotourists seeking the rugged, virgin landscape that the island paradise has protected. Either way, a Dominica virtual phone number can put your business in the heart of the Caribbean without you ever having to set up physical operations there. Virtual numbers aren't connected to a specific line. Instead, a customer places a call, and that call is then routed to your offices a world away — all without them ever knowing that their call has left the island.


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