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Why Partner with

Earn lucrative industry-leading commissions by generating customers and leads for our services.

  • Resell services
  • Generate leads and complete the initial sale of services
  • provides all management and support
  • Earn commission for the life of the account -

Strategic Partner-Reseller Application

To apply for our program, please provide the following.

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Strategic Partner-Reseller FAQs

What is a Strategic Partner-Reseller?

Strategic Partner-Resellers are independent consultants who traditionally sell solutions from one or more providers. Strategic Partner-Resellers complete the initial sale of services to customers and then transition customers to for account management and ongoing support.

How does a Strategic Partner-Reseller earn commission?

Strategic Partner-Resellers sell services to customer sand earn industry-leading commissions on revenue collects from those customers.

How long will I earn commissions?

Strategic Partner-Resellers earn industry-leading commissions for the life of the customer account as long as the Strategic Partner-Reseller remains an active participant in the partner program.

When are Strategic Partner-Resellers paid?

Commissions are paid monthly for eligible revenue collected in the previous month.

What other services will I be able to provide?

Referral Partners get to offer a powerful suite of telecommunication services, including:

What will I need to provide to be considered for the Strategic Partner-Reseller program?

Attend a one-on-one Strategic Partner-Reseller orientation and training session, submit a valid business URL and provide proof of a working business with a customer base.