How To Activate Call Recording:
Instruction Video
  • Log into your account.
  • Click on the "Manage Phone Numbers" tab.
  • Click on "Disabled"; see fig.1.
  • A dialog box will show up. In the dialog box click "Enabled".
  • Select the proportion of calls you want to record. For instance, if you only want to record every other call choose 50%.
  • Select the call storage duration and click "Save".
  • Notice that the Call Recording section now shows the proportion of calls you want to record.
  • You are now finished and your future calls will be recorded.
How To Listen To and Download Recordings:
Instruction Video
  • Go to the navigational bar and select "Call History".
  • Move downward to the recorded call.
  • Click "Play" to listen to the call within the online control center; see fig.2.
  • Click "Download" to save a recorded call; see fig.2.

fig. 1

fig. 2
If you would like additional help activating call recording, please contact us.