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If you’re tired of overpaying for your phone plan and receiving nothing but poor service in return, then the time has come for you to make the switch to Experience contract-free service with no hidden fees, and discover the benefits of free Hosted PBX features and failover routing. With, your phone system will be in better hands than ever before, rapidly increasing your customer satisfaction and boosting your brand reputation.


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Because call forwarding plans generally involve international calling, many businesses suffer from dropped calls and poor connectivity during communications with international consumers and clientele. To prevent this, TollFreeForwarding backs up every phone number you activate with Failover Routing. Failover Routing averts connectivity issues before they occur by using more than ten different telecom carriers to back up incoming and outgoing calls. If, for any reason, one carrier fails to connect a call, TollFreeForwarding automatically reroutes that call to the next available carrier. In addition to guaranteeing call connectivity, TollFreeForwarding makes it easier for your business to handle high-volume incoming calls by offering free Hosted PBX.


Hosted PBX is a business telecommunications solution that is 100% equipment-free, enabling limitless phone system scalability without requiring any installation or maintenance.

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