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When you set up a Cambodia phone number, you establish a direct link to customers in the heart of Southeast Asia, which is one of the world's foremost emerging markets. A Cambodia virtual phone number gives your business a presence there without requiring a physical commitment of infrastructure, employees or call centers. Cambodia's telephone network is unreliable and aging following years of war and neglect. Its population, however, is connected through mobile phones, giving them the only tool they need to reach your business. All you have to do is set up a Cambodia toll-free number and wait for the calls to start coming.


Telecommunications in Cambodia and the Rural/Urban Divide

Although fixed-line infrastructure is adequate, the overwhelming majority of the country's more than half a million landlines are in Phnom Penh and other urban centers. The historically underserved rural areas, however, have seen a major influx of a communication technology that is evident in every area of the country — there are more than 19 million mobile phones in Cambodia. With a population of about 15.14 million people, that's more than one cell phone for every person. This incredible growth has been fueled by recent competition among cellular providers. Internet access is reliable and widespread in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, with wifi access in most hotels and other tourist hotspots, as well as a litany of Internet cafes. In the rural provinces, however, the Internet is spotty and unreliable. That makes Cambodia a nation whose population is almost wholly dependant on their access to mobile phones for communication to businesses in the world outside of Southeast Asia.


A Cambodia Phone Number From Your Ticket to Asia

You don't have to go to emerging markets in Southeast Asia to do business there. With a Cambodia virtual phone number, you can connect directly with the market you want to serve without the need for physical call centers, or even phone lines. We offer a huge inventory of numbers. Pick a local number or a Cambodia toll-free number, activate your account and start receiving calls in as little as three minutes. Calls can be forwarded to your business, your home or even your cell phone, depending on when the call was made and where you need to have it land.


Your Own Phone Network with Your Own Settings enables you to manage your account from the cloud, which means you can access your setttings from any phone, tablet or PC. You can create a professional automated service that lets callers navigate your system using their alpha-numeric keypad. You can use your number to receive faxes through email, or even have voicemails sent through email as attachments. Failover routing switches calls from SIP to PSTN in the case of outage, so you'll never miss a call, even during an emergency. Each account comes with unlimited extensions — you can have as many numbers as you want! Jump into one of the most prominent emerging markets of Southeast Asia by establishing a Cambodia virtual phone number. You don't need to be there to do business, simply choose a phone number and tell us where to send all incoming calls, and you're ready to place ads and start doing business.