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International Call Routing for Easy Global Communications

When your customers are spread out around the globe, handling their inbound calls can be a logistical nightmare. It is crucial to be able to answer those calls quickly and efficiently, however. At we offer an easy and cost-effective way to ensure that your global customers are properly serviced. Call routing. Using the latest telecommunications technology, we can keep you connected with your global customers, no matter where they - or you – are located.


Advanced Call Routing Features Come Standard with

Some providers put limits on call routing features. At, we know that every business is unique, and the needs of one company won’t be the same needs as another. That’s why we put you in control. We offer advanced, customizable, smart call routing features to all of our customers.


With every phone line you get access to:  virtual PBX systems, fax-to-email service, voicemail-to-email service, real-time call reports and of course, call forwarding and call routing. You can set any phone as a ring to number, and change it at any time from your online dashboard. You can also utilize simultaneous call routing, which will ring several phones at once, or you can use sequential call routing, which will ring a series of phones until the call is answered.

Of course, call routing to a single phone is one thing, but if you want true power at your fingertips, you cannot do better than multiple call routing paths. We were among the first to offer this feature, allowing our clients to choose up to five numbers that will ring simultaneously in the event of a call. It is a quick and convenient way to ensure no customer ever gets left behind.


Your call routing setup can be altered and modified at any time. If you experience high call volume, you can respond in an instant to ensure your customers are properly serviced. If there is an emergency or disaster in an area where your sales or service reps are located, you are able to quickly route those calls to another location so that your customers are not affected. Overnight, you have the ability to send calls to your international call center and sleep well knowing that your callers will be taken care of.

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