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Don't Drain Your Budget on a Call Answering Service When You Could Forward Every Call to Your Personal Phone

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You need a Call Answering Service? Do it the modern way, all on-line!

Traditional Call Answering Services can be expensive, not flexible, and difficult to manage.  The better solution is to use’s online Call Answering Service. A web-based service offers you incredible simplicity and a wide array of features. Plus, there is no new equipment to buy or install -- you use what you have and we take care of the magic.


How does it work?

All phone communication today is ultimately digital in the transmission. This means it is very suitable for the internet to carry and have a service built on top.’s service is amazingly simple to use and you can manage your service at any time from any of your internet connected devices. In fact, within 3 minutes you can pick a phone number and be up and running receiving calls -- it’s just that easy.


Do I have all the features I expect?

You will have all the features you expect and many more -- remember, this is an all digital approach and so you have great power at your disposal, plus you can’t beat the quality of digital phone transmission. With, you have your selected number ring-through to any phone you desire. This might be your cell phone, your corporate PBX, your business leaders, or all of those.  You can have the phone ring all targets at once (first answered wins) or roll through a list sequentially.


Being a web-service, you can check on your call logs and status at any time of the day, from any internet location you use. You can at any time change the configuration (perhaps change what numbers are called) and you can even set up time-of-day different targets.

Check out how affordable this offering can’t escape the value and simplicity.  Plus, you can get started right away and use our 30-day free trial.  Cancel at any time -- there are no contracts and no obligation. Simplicity all around...get started now!