With more smartphones activated per day than babies born, we are truly in the midst of a smartphone takeover. For business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere, the rapidly growing smartphone trend presents a new range of marketing opportunities, offering a more unified consumer network than ever before. If your business has yet to take advantage of the smartphone movement, read on to discover how to optimize your ROI through smartphone-targeting techniques.


Mobile Shopping


Experts predict that by 2016, a quarter of all e-commerce shopping will be done with mobile phones. For small-midsize business owners, this trend enables the kind of world-scale product marketing that was once only a possibility for major corporations. If you want to create a presence for your business on the mobile web, the first step is to ensure that your website is smartphone friendly. Remember, just because your page can be loaded on a mobile device, doesn’t make it appealing to a mobile audience. Many businesses make the mistake of overloading web pages with links, graphics, advertisements and information. Instead, try to keep you site as clean and simple as possible, delivering key product details to consumers while avoiding unnecessary distractions.


App Marketing


At the end of 2012, approximately 1.2 billion people worldwide had begun using mobile apps, a number that continues to grow exponentially. To increase your business exposure through mobile apps, you can either create your own mobile app, or begin advertising through the mobile app marketplace. To create a custom app for your business, either build your own mobile app, or hire a third-party app creator to generate your app for you. To advertise your business through mobile apps, start out by identifying popular apps that relate to your business or product. Once you find the right app to host your ad, ensure that your ad motivates mobile shoppers to either visit your mobile website or stop by your store. For example, offering digital coupons to consumers that visit your page through your app advertisements can both encourage traffic to your website, and help to gauge the success of your ad campaign.


The Smartphone Wallet


With more and more businesses beginning to accept payments through mobile wallet apps, making your checkout process compatible with up and coming mobile currencies can give your brand an edge over the competition. Consider accepting payments through Google Wallet, PayPal, or Square Wallet. As the market for web-based currency continues to grow, accepting virtual currencies such as Bitcoin (and its sure-to-emerge competitors) may also become a must for entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the game.


In addition to operating as high-tech debit cards, smartphones can work as fully-functioning wallets, storing scannable coupon codes, gift cards, rewards cards and membership cards. By offering scannable codes on your product packaging, you can encourage customers to visit your website or store to redeem discounts and codes. As more and more smartphone users begin to make the most of scannable codes, embracing the smartphone revolution as a part of your business plan will guarantee your product a spot in the marketplace of the future.