Professionals working within the tourism and travel industries must step up their game to keep up with the pace of international travel. Business is booming, with a whopping 1.035 billion people traveling abroad in 2012, according to research conducted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). International travelers have more options than ever and it is vital that you make it easy for them to book their travel plans with you.


Don’t Make It Hard for Customers to Call


Only having a toll free number in your own country can be a big disadvantage for a travel business. Customers looking to book travel are often hesitant to dial international numbers in unfamiliar dialing formats.  As prospective customers search for travel options, their eyes are drawn to familiar telephone numbers, such as toll free numbers in formats native to their own country. People will often balk at calling out-of-country numbers, associating them with high phone bills and difficult country codes.


Here’s what the dilemma could like for a potential customer:


Okay, so I need to book a hotel in Germany, but it’s got a foreign number listed. How do I reach them from the U.S.? Normally, when I call a U.S. travel company, I would type in the usual 1-800 number, but this is completely different. So first, I need to figure out the Germany country dialing code…which is 49. Okay, now I’m not familiar with the German number format…is it really ten digits long? Did I just dial everything correctly and how much is this going to cost me?


Why should your prospective clients have to jump through so many hoops to contact your business? Once they struggle with a foreign telephone number, they might just decide to work with another business to get what they need.


Dial up More Business with International Toll Free Numbers


One of the best ways to cater to a global audience is to set up international toll free numbers in countries where your customers live. You can then have those virtual phone numbers forwarded to your business location or call center, anywhere in the world. An international toll free number can help raise your marketing ROI, build your organization’s credibility, and improve global customer care efforts.