Despite its slow beginnings, the popularity of Google Plus now rivals that of Twitter, and actually tops Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram in monthly visitor statistics. So why is Google Plus so popular? Unlike major competitors Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus caters to professional users, and can help growing brands to gain exposure through search engine optimization.


Why Google Plus?


Google Plus is all about brand visibility. According to a Forrester Research survey, Google Plus users engage more with brand posts than Twitter users do, making Google Plus an ideal outlet for businesses seeking to improve customer engagement and interaction. The area in which Google Plus really excels, however, is in attracting professional users. While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are often disadvantageous to professionals, Google Plus opens its doors to business to business marketing, and helps to encourage professional connections and small business growth.


One of the foremost reasons for Google Plus’s rapidly growing brand popularity is the impact of a Google Plus presence on search engine results. Businesses with active Google Plus accounts generally appear higher in search engine results when followers and recent viewers enter related search terms. For example, if your store sells antique furniture, and one of your Google Plus followers searches “antique armoire,” search results related to your store will be prioritized.


While there is currently no proven correlation between Google Plus brands and non-personalized search results, it is likely that as Google Plus continues to grow in popularity, its influence will grow simultaneously. In the long run, an established Google Plus presence could gain your business search engine priority even when users who have never heard of your product before commence a product-related Google search.


Google Plus Business Tools


Among the many reasons why professionals prefer Google Plus is the availability of Google business tools. By connecting on Google, professionals can share and edit documents, stay in touch with remote workers, and connect with international clients. Since all Google-based applications work in sync, professional users can manage multiple email accounts, review website and app traffic statistics, and engage in product branding. Applications such as Google Voice even enable conference calling, video chat and toll-free international communication.


Building a Google Plus Presence


Building your brand through Google Plus is all about commitment. Setting up a Google Plus account and then only checking it once a month is unlikely to help your business growth, but there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your account active and your business growing:


1) Share Content: If you want consumers to keep visiting your Google Plus page, you need to post fresh content several times a day. In addition to sales, discount codes, and product information; try sharing thought-provoking videos and articles. Humor is also a great way to keep consumers engaged, so don’t be afraid to lighten things up every now and then.


2) Communicate: Communication is key to Google Plus success. Answer consumer questions and comments rapidly, but also reach out to other Google Plus professionals. By engaging with businesses who sell products similar to your own, you can attract followers who have already proven an interest in your sales category.


3) Engage: No relationship should be one-sided, so interact with your followers through their Google Plus accounts as well. Read article posts, watch videos, and stay as connected a possible. Through direct interaction with your customers and potential customers, you show them that you’re not just a faceless brand, you have a personality as well.