If you’re looking to expand your business or organization to Mexico, the landscape of 800 numbers can be confusing. For starters, the term “toll free” doesn’t exist in Spanish so you have to be careful how you market this concept. Make sure you use “800” when you present these numbers to your customers. Also, there are two different types of 800 numbers available in Mexico that can mean very different things to customers in Mexico.


The 001-800 Mexico Toll Free Number Can Cost You Customers


Most international virtual number providers only offer 001- 800 numbers for businesses to use in marketing activities in Mexico. Why is this a problem? The 001-800 prefix is exactly the same sequence of digits that allows you to dial an international toll free number from Mexico to other countries such as the U.S. and Canada. Your customers or potential customers will see that number on your site or in your advertisements, and be afraid to call it for fear that it is an international phone number and they will incur additional calling costs. The 001-800 Mexico toll free number can provide an impediment to sales.


The 01-800 Mexico Toll Free Number Is a Better Solution


The 01-800 Mexico phone number is a much better option. It’s the only way to provide the signal to Mexico customers that the call will be free to them, since this is the same number they would dial to contact local Mexico businesses free of charge.  Providers like TollFreeForwarding.com offer 01-800 numbers that can be activated in minutes and directed to any phone or call center anywhere in the world.