With six in ten recruiters incorporating video into the interview process, mastering the art of video interviewing is essential for any job seeker aiming to stand out from the applicant pool. Whether you have a video interview scheduled, or you’re just beginning the application process, it’s never too early to start honing your video interview skills with the following four easy tips:


Test Your Technology


No matter what position you’re applying for, your interviewer will quickly write you off if you experience technical difficulties during your video interview. Whether your technology or your technological expertise is at fault, failure to connect successfully with your interviewer indicates a lack of preparedness. To avoid making a major faux pas right off the bat, test your technology before commencing your interview. For best results, conduct a mock interview with a friend, using the same technology that you’ll be using for your real interview. If you’re using a video calling app that you’re not accustomed to, take the time to familiarize yourself with all of its controls and capabilities. If you’re muddling around during your interview because you can’t figure out why your interviewer is on mute, the appearance of competence and assuredness that you were trying to project will be quickly undermined.


Project Professionalism


Many video interviewees make the rookie mistake of thinking that a video interview should be less formal that a face-to-face interview. It cannot be emphasized enough that this is not the case. Dress for a video interview just as you would for a regular interview, in professional, work-appropriate clothing. Avoid accessorizing too much, and focus on neutral tones. Your overall appearance should be one of neatness, cleanliness, and competency. While it may be tempting to don formal clothing only from the waist up during a video interview, it’s never worth the risk. If you have to stand up during the interview to retrieve work samples or other documentation, you will quickly reveal your half-dressed state, and your interviewer will be sure to note your lack to effort.


Prepare Your Background


In preparing for your video interview, don’t forget to take your backdrop into consideration. For best results, choose a blank background–preferably solid white. If you don’t have such a backdrop in your home, use a posterboard or plain shower curtain. Avoid conducting your interview in a room where objects in the background might cause distraction, or create an unprofessional appearance. If you don’t live alone, exile your roommate, pet, or significant other for the duration of your interview to prevent the intrusion of background noise.


Compose Responses in Advance


Be sure to thoroughly research the position you are applying for prior to the commencement of your interview. Know everything there is to know about the business that you are interested in working for, and be prepared to answer why you want to work there. While mock interview questions may not prepare you for everything, by rehearsing before time, you’ll have your bases covered for most eventualities. Also, be aware of the message that your body language sends, by sitting up straight, smiling, and making eye contact with your interviewer.