Originally only available to major brands, Google + Post Ads are now up for grabs to any Google + user with 1000 followers or more. But why would you want a Google + Post Ad? Well, Google + Post Ads aren’t like traditional advertising. With Google ads, instead of talking to your customer, you’re now talking with them.


How Google + Post Ads Can Benefit Your Business


The world of advertising is undergoing major changes, as more and more businesses realise that advertising needs to become more personal in order to effectively target the right consumers. As usual, Google is ahead of the game, enabling advertisers to interact directly with potential customers through + Post Ads. The advantage of this kind of advertising is multidimensional, allowing businesses to gauge consumer response more productively, while permitting marketers to earmark potential buyers with increased accuracy.


In addition to developing a more interactive advertising experience, Google + Post Ads enable businesses to spread content across multiple platforms throughout the Google Display Network. Ads can be displayed in text, image, video and mobile format, and will appear only to the consumers most likely to be interested in the advertised product. This comprehensive advertising approach creates a spider web effect, drawing consumers in from all corners of the global network.


Creating Your First Google + Post Ad


To get started with your first Google + Post Ad campaign, just complete the following ten steps:

  1. Opt-in to shared endorsements for Google + pages.
  2. From the Google + menu, select “Create a New Adwords Campaign”.
  3. Set your campaign settings. Under campaign type, choose “Display Network Only–Engagement”.
  4. Select the locations that you want to target in your ad campaign. You can opt to target all countries and territories, just your own county, or a specific location.
  5. Set your daily budget. Google + Post Ads are designed to cater to small businesses as well as major brands, so your budget can be as small or large as you like.
  6. Create an ad group. You can choose to target your ads through display keywords, or interests and remarketing. If you prefer, you can create your own custom combination.
  7. Create your ad. Under “choose a template”, select the “+ Post ad Template”, then enter the URL of the Google + page that you want to promote.
  8. When creating your ad, make sure that the image you use is high quality, and appears advantageously in the lightbox preview.
  9. If you want your ad to be compatible with mobile devices, choose the mobile 300×250 format.
  10. Save your ad and get started!


Remember, the key to Google + advertising is engagement, so be ready to respond to consumer comments and inquiries. The more active you are as a Google + member, the more effective your advertisement will be. By developing an ongoing dialogue between your business page and consumers across the Google + network, you can begin to establish a positive, friendly brand reputation. If you feel that your Google + ad isn’t generating enough response, try expanding your social network presence through Google + Communities, and interacting with other brands in your business niche to further promote your Google + presence.