According to Forbes, the end of the Wired Telephone Network is coming. Did you know that by 2015, only 25% of US homes will have a landline telephone? We know where they’re switching FROM, but where are they switching to?


Mobile phones have of course taken over as a primary source of communication. The UN’s International Telecoms Union says that by the end of 2014, mobile devices will outnumber people. As more people have and use mobile devices for communications, of course fewer people rely on landlines.


Virtual Phones and VOIP systems are taking over for the wired telephone network. What are Virtual Phone Numbers, and how do they work? What are the benefits of using virtual numbers, and how do they compare to VOIP?


In the infographic below, you can learn all about Virtual Phone Numbers. And if you have already made the switch, don’t hesitate to tell us about it in the comments!


What is a Virtual Phone Number

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