The job market in today’s economy is tough: it seems half the reports show that there’s a scarcity of jobs, while the rest say there are jobs without enough qualified to people to fill them! Either way, hiring managers are using new, varied ways to find the right person for their jobs.


One direction recruiters are taking is the video interview, which has become an easy process with services like Skype and Google+ Hangouts. Now, over 50% of HR managers have said they use video interviews “very often,” which means if you’re a job-seeker about to conduct a video job interview, you need to be prepared. What sort of things should you be doing? This infographic gives you the tips to stand out. For example, did you know you can improve your interview performance by recording a practice interview beforehand? That way you can see how well you appear on camera, whether you’re speaking too softly or tend to look away from the camera, both of which might hamper the good first impression you need!

Find all these tips and more in “Video Interviews: The New Frontier of Job Interviewing”:

Video Interviews: The New Frontier of Job Interviewing

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