Vanity numbers are telephone numbers that use keypad letters to spell out words or phrases. Those words typically spell out a way for customers to identify a business by name, by product, or by benefit. Vanity numbers are used by companies of all sizes to help improve customer recall, increase sales, and grow their business. Some of the most famous vanity numbers in the United States work so well that those numbers have actually become the company brand, such as 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-GOT-JUNK.


The Benefits of Vanity Numbers


Vanity numbers allow for easy customer recall. According to a recent industry report, vanity numbers can actually double recall rate over traditional numeric telephone numbers. In one study, 65% of consumers were able to recall a vanity number they saw in a print advertisement and 72% were able to recall a vanity number after hearing a brief, 30 second radio commercial. Vanity numbers can increase sales by almost 200 percent and increase the effectiveness of advertising by a staggering 300 percent.


Taking Advantage of International Vanity Numbers


Given the benefits of vanity numbers, it stands to reason that companies could extend those benefits in the global marketplace. International toll free telephone numbers are an efficient and cost-effective way to expand business overseas. In order to get the most from those global efforts, international vanity numbers could go a long way.


Vanity numbers in other countries have not quite reached the popularity they’ve enjoyed in the United States. While it is common practice for American businesses to adopt vanity numbers, overseas businesses don’t utilize them to the same degree. This has both positive and possibly negative implications for US-based companies attempting to maximize their global reach. On one hand, there is a high probability that your ideal toll-free vanity number exists in another country. On the other, if you aren’t familiar with the language, culture, and mores of that country, an international vanity number could lead to confusion, leading to a less-effective campaign.


Can International Vanity Numbers Work for Business?


In order to capitalize on international vanity numbers, interested businesses should conduct plenty of research before taking the leap. Understand just how the residents of that geographic location utilize telephone and data communication. If, for example, you’re expanding into an emerging market that lacks traditional telephone infrastructure, the population may rely heavily on smartphones. In that case, you may find that companies utilize text messages to stay in touch with customers. In those locations, vanity numbers may not be necessary.  A standard, numeric number that you include in all of your text ads could suffice. However, companies could turn a series of numbers into a type of vanity number. Instead of spelling out a word, a simple series of numbers that is easy to remember could be just as effective.


You’ll also need to know the layout of international telephone keypads before choosing an international vanity number in that location. Learn the country’s alphabet inside out, and work with a trusted partner to help you work out the right series of letters and numbers that will make your international vanity number both memorable and successful.


International vanity numbers can work for your business, but it will require some research and legwork on your part beforehand in order to improve your chances for success. Be sure that you understand not only the language of the country in which you wish to purchase a vanity number, but also be sure you understand how the people of that country use their telephones. With some pre-planning and a solid strategy, you can make international vanity numbers work for you.