Whether your interests fall in the private sector or the public sector, you’ve probably noticed two trends in the past decade.  The world is going mobile, and world is going digital.  As we’re all looking to push the boundaries of innovation, why not embrace a technology that combines the best of both worlds?


Enter Mobile VoIP, a zenith in the evolution of internet telephony.  with mobile VoIP, anyone with a decent internet connection can send their calls from cell phone to cell phone, anywhere in the world.  All the old limitations of telecommunications are fading away as that all too familiar web of land lines and phone chords renovates into a virtual network of data packets.


But with everything that’s going on in Mobile VoIp, how is the average business professional supposed to keep up?  Well, this infographic should help you along.  So without further ado, Tollfreeforwarding.com is proud to present “Trends in Mobile VoIP”


Trends in Mobile VoIP