There’s no question that telecommuting has it’s perks. Time once spent in rush-hour traffic can now be enjoyed in the gentle comfort of your warm bed. The fridge in the coffee pot are a few steps away, and no one’s standing over your shoulder, forcing you to get to work.


But wait… for some of us, that’s the only way it ever happens. You’re telling me that I’ve got TV, internet, that warm bed, and fully-stocked fridge right there and I’m somehow supposed to ignore all of those and stay focused on my job for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week? I just might go insane!


Easy there. Before you go off the deep end, just remember, the office need not be a place where you go to work. The office can be a state of mind. It’s up to you now, to bring your mind to the office, even when your body never leaves the house.


This infographic offers a number of helpful pointers for new telecommuters, adjusting to the lifestyle of self-guided work. You’ll find that it’s surprisingly easy to stay focused and be comfortable (not too comfortable) and you may even find that you get more work done now than you ever did in that “office” you thought you needed.

The Telecommuters Guide to Staying Sane