Since the rise of internet media, social engagement has been a cornerstone for the marketing strategies of businesses across the board.  As technology continues to move forward and new media takes precedence, more and more online content is being delivered in the form of video and audio. But creating the content is just the first step.


You also have to best social video platform to host your content and reach your target audience. Three years ago YouTube, as the largest and most recognized platform, was the obvious choice, but now an increased demand for video content has led to more options. Social platforms are introducing new ways to share video on their platform, or even developing new platforms of their own, as Twitter did with it’s micro-video app Vine.


Now that there are a handful of options for your business to share video on social platforms, it’s just a matter of selecting the one that best suits your specific marketing needs. Lucky for you, this infographic showcases the latest and greatest social video platforms, along with their strengths and focuses: the perfect guide to getting started on your social video campaign.


The Social Video Starter Guide

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