Back in the 50’s we envisioned a world of robot house-maids and self-guided flying cars.  In the year 2014, Google is doing everything in their power to turn the futurists’ dream into a reality.


Recent breakthroughs in GPS and motion sensor technology have brought us closer than ever before to the coveted self-driving car.  It may sound like science fiction, but this innovation has already been tested on high speed tracks and even driven on some rural roads.


How much longer until we all have one of these technological sensations?  It could still be a decade off, but one way or another, it’s happening.


So, get ahead of the techno-curve and educate yourself now.  This infographic shares all the important details about Google’s self-driving cars, the luxuries they’ll provide, and the obstacles that remain.


Are you looking forward to a life on auto-pilot?  It may just be a few innovations away.


The Revolutionary Self-Driving Car