Social media and the internet transformed the world into a smaller marketplace; thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and Google, internet users from all walks of life and diverse geographical locations have the ability to interact on a digital stage. And because the world is an “marketer’s oyster,” one might assume the best advertising approach consists of attracting a wide and disparate audience. However, this is not the case. Some experts suggest the best strategy is counterintuitive and micro. That is, niche marketing is the most effective way to build and maintain a devoted, enthusiastic target audience.


So how do you–the advertiser–make this a reality? Easy. You court your ideal audience and explore, as well as invest in paid social ads. Here’s all you need to know about implementing a marketing plan that’s right for you and your company.


How Do You Get Started? You Create Content!


First, your company needs to create content that’s helpful, unique, and tailored specifically to your target audience. This is the right time to go niche with your style and message. If your followers feel they are partaking in a community that resonates with their personal ethos, they are much more likely to demonstrate brand loyalty! Focus not only on the writing technique, but on the colors, graphics, and web design! The look and feel of your site is parallel to the message! If you are stumped and need brainstorming ideas, check out other websites that cater to your desired audience! Feel free to borrow small touches and meld them with your own!


Once you’ve drafted and edited your content and blog posts, make sure your creations are readable and tailored to their desired format. For example, take the time to ensure your posts load and function on smartphones, tablets, and social-media platforms.


Where to Go Next?


Social media platforms have started including promoted ads! Contact them to see if you can place ads on their sites. Another great social-media strategy consists of initiating “rewards programs” for social-media users. For example, if your business is a microbrewery, offer a free drink to people who “like” your company on Facebook. Then post special promotions on your page and make them exclusive to those who follow the brand. Add value to your audience’s lives, and your business will flourish!


Millennials — Conscious Consumers


Some data suggests that the rising generation, most often referred to as “Millennials” are more conscious consumers than their parents’ generation. They are more likely to patronize a brand that gives back to its customers, its community, and operates ethically. Keep this in mind when you’re designing your posts! Create content and promotions that reflect the ideals of this new, social generation, and your business will rise above those companies stuck in the “Marketing Past.” Emphasize (and really follow through) with ways to contribute to your audience and environment, and harold in the future of capitalism.