Wearable technology was once a thing of science fiction, a futuristic concept reserved for comic books and Star Trek fans, but in today’s market, smart gadgets have become a reality. If you don’t own any wearable technology yet, it’s time to get with the program and check out the best and newest of today’s wearable gadgets:


Smart Clothing


Tech companies are out to prove that smart clothing is more than just a novelty, with wearable technology plans in the works to regulate body temperature, filter pollutants, and monitor health. It’s not all about saving the world, though, the following neat smart clothing oddities are fun, useful, and will be ready to hit your wardrobe any day now.


ColdWear: Designed for use in extreme cold, Coldwear jackets can react to the outside temperature, keeping you warm while also monitoring your vital signs and reporting temperature data back to your smartphone.

Alert Shirt:  Developed by the Wearable Experiments design team, the Alert Shirt simulates live sport action, enabling fans to feel the same exhilaration that real-time players are feeling in the field, pool, rink or court.

Fundawear: Ideal for use in long-distance relationships, Fundawear is vibrating underwear that can be controlled through your partner’s smartphone. Fundawear comes in both male and female varieties, and is currently still in the testing stages, but should be market-ready any day now.


Smart Fashion Accessories


Technology has made the transition from nerdy to fashionable.With smart accessory designers finally realizing that aesthetics are almost as important as functionality to the average consumer, today’s smartwear is now as fashion-friendly as it is useful.


The Everpurse: The Everpurse is an attractive little handbag that keeps your smartphone charging while you’re on-the-go. The Everpurse comes in a variety of colors and designs, and will soon be consumer-ready.

Logbar’s Ring: Logbar’s Ring is the big daddy of smart accessories. The ring can be used to control just about anything that utilizes smart technology, enabling easy instant messaging, bill paying, and even appliance control. With early bird rings already available to project donors, Logbar’s ring is almost ready for its big debut.

The Pebble Smartwatch: The Pebble Smartwatch is the most popular smartwatch on the market. Widely available, the Pebble is a convenient way to receive calls and texts when you’re away from your phone. The Pebble can be used while exercising, camping, or even swimming, and is both convenient and fashion-friendly.


Smart Workout


Remember when the best workout tool on the market was a stopwatch? With smart workout wearables, there’s no guessing left in fitness monitoring, calorie counting, or heart rate tracking. Whatever your fitness routine involves, there’s a gadget that can make it better.


Sensoria Smart Garments: Wearable fitness gadget manufacturer Sensoria has developed a series of smart t-shirts, socks and sports bras, that can track your workout activity. Sensoria garments are fashionable, washable, and send all of your workout data back to your smartphone for easy storage.

iFit Active: The iFit Active is a lightweight bracelet designed by NordicTrack to monitor daily workout activity, calorie burn, nutrition and general health. The iFit Active works in-sync with its smartphone app to help ensure that you meet your fitness goals.

The Athos System: The Athos system is a workout gear series that can transmit muscle activity, heart rate, and breathing data back to your smartphone through a lightweight bluetooth “brain.” The Athos System workout gear offers UPF50 sun protection, and is designed to provide muscle stability while monitoring workout progress.