As information becomes progressively image-driven, more Americans are becoming visual learners, processing and remembering graphic-based content more effectively than information delivered orally. For the customer service industry, this means that a simple adjustment in information presentation can help to reduce the burden on call centers and customer help desks.


Social Media and the Visual Learner


According to the U.S Department of Labor, 65% of learning is achieved through a combination of visual and oral communication. Social media appeals to the viewer through a fusion of video, audio, and print images. Social media platforms such as YouTube and DailyMotion help visual learners to absorb information through a combination of visual and auditory methods. Instagram enables engagement through still images and video, while Facebook and Twitter cater to a combination of interfaces. By accommodating visual and auditory learners alike, social media can prove an indispensable tool in the customer service industry, improving information absorption and resolving consumer problems before they occur.


Maintaining a Well-Rounded Customer Service Approach


One of the great advantages of social media as a consumer interface is the ease with which it enables customers to interact with service representatives. Since requests for information clarification are often repetitive, consumers have the opportunity to utilize social media forums to view resolutions to problems similar to their own, often rendering time-consuming phone calls unnecessary. Some consumers still prefer to communicate more directly, so to maintain a well-rounded customer service approach, try offering customer service live chat. This can be arranged directly through your business website, or through Google Hangouts on your Google + page. Google + is being used increasingly as a business branding tool, and offering live Q & A sessions through your Google + business page can attract followers as well as keeping consumers satisfied.


Recruiting Customer Traffic to Your Social Media Platforms


If your social media platforms aren’t getting enough traffic, they won’t function effectively as customer service mediums. To drive traffic to your social media, keep the following pointers in mind:


Post Consistently: To keep your brand prevalent in follower newsfeeds and maintain consumer engagement, post on your social media accounts at least once a day. If you don’t post frequently enough, customers will quickly lose interest in your social media presence.


Deliver Valuable Content: Don’t just use your social media account to advertise your brand, keep your followers up to date with interesting news in your field/industry, as well as posting product tutorials, videos and infographics. The more engaging your content, the more likely consumers are to frequent your page.


Offer Incentives: To drive followers to your page, offer social media exclusive discounts and incentives. Some brands drive shares through follower contests, while others offer free samples or coupons to new followers.


Interact with Followers: To optimize the effectiveness of your social media customer service, dedicate an employee or team of employees (depending upon the size of your business) to providing quick responses to questions directed towards your social media accounts. The more actively you interact with followers, the more trust they will place in your brand.