Amazon has its social network known as Spark. It is a community of users where they share experience about their purchases and post them. Amazon has a good number of about 350 + million active customers as per records of 2016. The global market of Amazon has been gaining the popularity throughout the worldwide. Various E-commerce giants in the market use demographic and psychographic segmentation to chunk the markets. Amazon segmentation is earned on their actual purchase behaviour. It is not something that user express interest and what they do, but all this carry some basis of actual purchases. The smallest segmentation involves each customer individually, which make the company acquire the visitors into a long-term relationship.


There are various sites including IT and e-commerce startups that provide high value to the customer with their technology at low cost. However, Amazon has gained economies of scale through considerable product offering including various items like toys and games, apparels, electronics and many more.  Amazon gains the benefit by keeping the price low and attracting the consumers. Amazon’s robust customer-centric approach helps to achieve the buying behaviour as per their preferences due to which they have gained a competitive edge over their companies competing them. There are genuine and repeated buyers on Amazon. Amazon has gained markets from the European Countries, US and some of Asia. This promotes the business as well as marketing of the company into various sectors.


There are three essential categories giving you a glimpse of the marketing strategies with Amazon.


  •    Amazon SEO: Optimizing Keyword and performance of the product promotes the ranking of Amazon search. There is an increasing number of users searching for products on Amazon rather than a general search engine.
  •    Amazon Advertising: Advertising on Amazon is paid service, as per the website and platform where advertising flashes.
  •   External Marketing Measure: Amazon does not promote paid and Non-paid marketing formats, they are promoted through external channels.Social Business Media Reviews on Marketing Amazon Store Products

Amazon Search Engine Optimization is well-known tactics in online marketing. In various countries, the search is initiated on the platform of Amazon rather on Google. This added benefit and made Amazon as a top products search engine on the Internet. Wise research and choicest selection of best keywords for products are essential for Amazon SEO. This allows the product to be visible along with others. Right placement of the words is essential for the rankings. Repetition of keywords does not add an advantage. The information should be a point to point, which adds up value for Optimizing. Highlight the advantages and benefits of the product. Well-presented and structured information proves beneficial for a customer as they receive quickly and easily. Optimising the product images attracts more customers and reflects good impression.


Summing Up


Social media is an excellent source for marketing strategies. You have to invest your time and effort to create and build a list of products. You have to be more active on social media platforms, for that you have to spend quality time on platforms. You need to either hire an agent or Do it yourself with social media experience that leads rather than giving up.


If you are a businessperson, Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform for you. It attracts the traffic to your list. As per – Product marketing for Amazon, Amazon product page traffic has already purchasing factor in their mind and would lead a profit for you. Proper optimisation, appropriate keywords, promoting positive feedback and deal with negative reviews are some of the strategies that promote the business into a positive rating.


As a Customer, they are always appreciated by the services of Amazon. There are millions of active subscribers that give out information about the purchases and review them.