IT professionals need to keep a pulse on developments in both consumer and business electronic arenas. There is constant pressure to stay up-to-date with system updates, new threats, and upcoming gadgets. Here are six news sources for IT professionals that can help you stay current without suffering from data overload.


Ars Technica


This is one of the most highly respected tech industry news sources out there, currently owned by Conde Nast Digital. Investigative journalists prove to be exceedingly thorough in their coverage, analyzing new tech developments with great detail. ArsTechnica caters primarily to IT professionals and more advanced tech users, detailing computer architecture, current threats, and PC nuances.


Hacker News


Despite its somewhat unsavory title connotations, Hacker News can be an excellent resource for startups, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals. The submissions, voting, and comment systems are reminiscent of Reddit’s interactive systems. The interface is extremely basic — a numbered list depicting the top-ranking news submissions for the day. Post titles are crucial here — ¬†they must evoke curiosity within just a few words. Much of the news content posted on Hacker News revolves around programming, startups, VC funding, and business trends.


Tech Crunch


This AOL-owned IT news publication specialized in mobile app development news and IT event coverage. Tech Crunch is well known within tech communities for their provocative and educational events, such as Disrupt, Hackathon, Crunchies Awards, and city-based Meetups. They are also a go-to resource for larger community conferences, such as SXSW and E3. Tech Crunch runs the popular tech company database, CrunchBase, a listing of nearly 200,000 companies. You can find C-Level leader bios, service providers, funders, and acquisition listings on CrunchBase as well.




This is another tech publication that was acquired by AOL. Engadget is a news blog dedicated to consumer-level gadgets and mobile devices. They typically provide live coverage of popular tech launch events, such as Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. The Engadget team also dedicates their time to a weekly podcast, which provides a summary of current tech news. It is important for IT professionals to keep tabs on current consumer tech trends, since many of these devices eventually wind up in the workplace and integrate with current workflows.




This long-standing tech news publication is an excellent resource for everything PC and software related. This CBS-owned website is highly regarded for their software library, hundreds of titles with corresponding reviews. CNET News has branched out into other forms of journalism, with the Crave hardware blog, how-to guides, and the web-savvy Webware section. IT professionals can benefit greatly from CNET thorough software and hardware reviews.




Apple has quickly become a major force in enterprise and small business workflows, with game changers like the iPad and iPhone. Companies that produce high volumes of media often turn to Apple hardware and environments, which dominate the film and photography industries. Part of Apple’s allure is the immense secrecy of their upcoming product lines. IT professionals can keep in touch with what’s coming around the bend by visiting Mac Rumors. While not all of the posts on this blog come from reputable resources, you can often get an idea of upcoming developments as people submit new tips.


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