A New York-based market intelligence group known as ABI Research predicts that over 7.2 billion mobile devices with high-speed wireless protocols (802.11n) will flood the workplace by 2015. Popular small business and enterprise software developers are making their apps available on mobile platforms, and their presence can be felt across Android and iOS platforms. Businesses that are early adopters of mobile technologies can keep up with the instantaneous nature of mobile communications. Here are a few considerations you must take while moving your global business processes onto a smartphone or tablet


Understanding Tech Limitations


Before you get completely enamored with mobile technology, you must first comprehend the limitations of these devices. There is a reason why there continues to be a market for high-power computers and workstations. Mobile devices are best used for collaboration, communication, sharing, creating documents, and reading information. However these devices are not ideal for heavy duty media editing or creation, such as 3D animation tasks, professional film editing, and commercial media. Tasks like these are better suited to computers with better processing power and hard drive capacities.


Cloud Services


Most mobile devices use built-in solid-state drives to write and store your information. However these drives can accumulate files and fill up quickly. Some smartphones and tablets have SD card ports, which allow you to expand your hardware storage capacities. But SD cards can be problematic. They splinter your data across multiple locations, and they are susceptible to loss or theft. This is when cloud storage comes in handy. They are usually subscription-based, a nice alternative to the upfront costs of hardware storage. Cloud storage can be accessed by multiple users, allowing you to collaborate and share items quickly with your teammates.


Data Safety


Due to the high influx of SMB and enterprise mobile users, app and operating system developers have created extremely secure environments for us to work in. Most mobile device data is encrypted and sandboxed within apps. Apple’s App Store is a closed system, preventing dangerous malware from appearing on the market for download. Best android tablet for onenote potential for customization allows your IT department greater flexibility in deployment and security monitoring. Companies can invest in mobile device management software to enforce passcode requirements, recommended work apps, and document behaviors. This can be particularly useful for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments, where you need to get multiple remote or telecommuting users on the same page with security standards. IT departments can quickly deploy employee profiles to remote devices, with packages that contain recommended apps, documents, and security protocols.


Connecting to Your Communications Hub


Mobile users have access to a wealth of business-grade unified communications systems. Smartphones and tablet can be quickly looped into the conversation as user agents in a SIP system. This means that you can pick up calls to your toll-free-numbers, even while you are out of the office. The same device can then be used to instant message your peers about an upcoming meeting, and then join a videoconference call hosted by attendees around the globe. The options are limitless when it comes to mobile app compatibility. And if you happen to run across communications software that’s not mobile friendly, you can still access it with remote desktops and virtual machines.


Global Business


Don’t miss out on the opportunities going mobile provides your business. In the long run, smartphones and tablets can reduce your overhead costs, since more employees will be able to work out in the field instead of at a centralized office. Mobile devices can also keep you constantly connected to your virtual phone service, customer care centers, leadership teams, and various departments so you don’t miss a beat!


How have you been able to work effectively on a smart phone or tablet? Please share in the comments below.