In the wake of Twitter’s seventh birthday, reports came in that the site hosted over 200 million active users, posting over 400 million tweets per day.


Flashback to the third millennium BCE, when only kings, generals, and high priests could post 140 characters about their veggie breakfast, and those characters would’ve been engraved in stone tablets over the course of several years.   Kind of pulls the internet into perspective, doesn’t it?


Publishing has come a long way, since the days of Hammurabi.  It’s never been simpler for everyone to contribute to the ever-expanding database of documented human history.  It’s so easy, we seldom even think of a tweet as an actual “publication”, yet… that’s exactly what it is.   Social media is the modern cap on how far literate civilization has come since the invention of writing.


This infographic illustrates just how we transitioned from stone carvings to e-books, and how technology has shaped that evolution.  Reading and writing is no longer a luxury reserved for the upper class.  With WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, the peasants are the new publishers!


Publishing to the People The History of the Published Word

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