At the end of last month, Google released a new feature to it’s social platform Google Plus: +Post Ads.


Technically +Post Ads have been available for a while, but only in beta-mode, and to major brands like Toyota. Now, however, they’re available to any Google Plus account with over 1000 followers.


But what do +Post ads mean for the average marketer? Whether or not you’re active on Plus, +Post Ads are a VITAL resource to your business. They allow you to use your Plus posts as ad creative, meaning your ads (which will be displayed NOT only Google Plus, but on the Google Display Network) will be interactive. Consumers will be able to like, share, and comment on your posts anywhere on the web. The value is immeasurable.


Learn more about how you can begin implementing Google +Post Ads with this infographic:

Google plus Post Ads for the Masses

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