Sales funnels have been used through the marketing world because they provide a way to simplify and visualize the path of a customer from first to final action. Traditionally this meant from the initial point of awareness to the sale, but in today’s social world, it extends much further than that.


Now, brands need not only to create repeat customers–they need to create customers who will be brand ambassadors, willing to vouch for them online on social media, directories and review sites, and more. With 77% of online shoppers consulting ratings or reviews before making a purchase, it is more important than ever that your sales funnel extend beyond the sale. For this reason, we’ve outlined the sales funnel for the digital age, in “Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media.” Through this infographic, you will learn how social media can be used to pull customers through each stage of the funnel, from Awareness to Sale and on to Advocacy: right where you need them to be.


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