In her hit song Royals, the pop singer Lorde croons, “And I’m not proud of my address, in a torn up town, no post code envy.” Across music, literature, and film, artists are constantly grappling with their relationship to their roots. And in our everyday lives, we can relate to this phenomenon. Many among us both love and hate the places we grow up. But what happens if you’re raised in a famous (or infamous) neighborhood? Here we bring you a brief history of some of America’s most notorious zip codes!


90210 – Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills: the stuff of legends. This zipcode is home to many of the nation’s most rich and famous citizens. The iconic postal code spawned a popular television program (and its reboot), is the backdrop for Rom-Com classic Clueless (And Iggy Azalea’s homage music video “Fancy”) and countless reality television programs. Even if you’ve never visited, there’s a good chance you’d recognize Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd, and other familiar landmarks. In fact, Beverly Hills is the most famous zip code in the United States. The median household income is 138,000 dollars a year. Wow. Talk about high rollers! However, in terms of wealth, Beverly Hills doesn’t hold a candle to…


94027 – Atherton


Atherton, California boasts the most expensive zip code in the United States, where the average home is valued at 6.6 million dollars! However, if you’re strapped for cash, rest assured. The most inexpensive house only costs a cool 1.2 million.


48222 – Waters of Detroit


You might not want to mention that kind of opulence to the people of Detroit, the home of the nation’s only floating zip code. Seriously, this zipcode is home to one occupant–the boat J.W. Westcott II. It’s actually a floating post office as well as a commercial ferry! As many of you know, Detroit has struggled to grow its economy after the manufacturing industry suffered serious blows. Maybe some inhabitants from 90210 and 94027 can share the wealth.


08102 – Camden


Finally, if you scare easily, you might consider avoiding Camden, New Jersey. It’s known for its tough streets; this zip code has the highest crime rate in the nation, sitting at five times higher than the national average! It’s notorious for its drug trafficking, corruption, and high homicide rate. In fact, some of Camden’s elected mayors have served jail time for their misconduct. So much for “public servants.” So if you’re thinking about visiting the East coast, perhaps you should consider another New Jersey town for your next vacation!


There you have it! That’s our list of the most legendary zip codes in the United States. But remember, if you’re not a fan of your current location, perhaps your hometown will fuel some fantastic song lyrics (or at least some really great stories). What do you love or hate about your current address? Are there any predominant socio-economic features? Leave your comments in the space below!