We all remember the infamous Last Week Tonight sketch that led to a crash in the FCC servers, but while Net Neutrality and the FCC rulings had their 15 minutes of fame in the eyes of the masses, these issues of bandwidth were the subject of conversation in the telecommunications industry long before the hype, and they’ll remain a chief concern long after.


Our main dog in this fight is, of course, the affects of controlled bandwidth on Voice-Over Internter Protocol (VoIP).  As a digitally-based alternative to old-fashioned phone lines, internet bandwidth has a large role to play in its wide adoption.  In order for everyone to have VoIP phones in their home, they will need access to high-speed internet.


A little over a year ago, this was no concern.  This seemed inevitable. Shortly after, as the FCC ruling approached, businesses all over the telecommunications industry started to get nervous.  We all knew this was big, but only our industry’s top devotees fully understood what was even taking place.


Well, not anymore.  With this new infographic on VoIP, Net Neutrality, and the FCC, everyone can follow along and be fully informed on what’s going on the telecommunications world, and on Capitol Hill.


Know Your Facts: VoIP, Net Neutrality, and the FCC