The Good: Telecommuting Saves Time, Money, and Energy.


When employees aren’t forced to struggle through morning rush hour, spend money on a work-appropriate wardrobe and cosmetics, or shell out hard-earned cash for gas expenses, they have more disposable income. This influx of cash often correlates to a higher quality of life, happier workers, and increased work engagement.


On average, employees who work from home save between 2,000-7,000 dollars a year. But employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from this arrangement. Telecommuting saves employers money, too. Bosses cut expenses on utilities, food, and location costs, retaining up to 11,000 dollars annually! (Now there’s no excuse not to gift employees with a generous Holiday bonus!)


Productivity Depends the Line of Work


Telecommuters tend to be more productive than officer workers at creative tasks and less productive at mundane activities. For example, if you write from home, your article output might flourish while your invoicing and organizational skills take a hit. Other studies suggest that telecommuters are more likely to work overtime than their cubicle counterparts!


The Difficult: Employees Must Be Self Directed


Much of telecommuters success depends on their individual time management skills, focus, and drive. Here are some tips for maintaining your edge while working remotely!


Seize the Day


Without the pressures of seeing fellow employees, it can be tempting to spend your work hours in your pajamas. However, there’s a good chance that your P.J. habit will lead to lethargy, apathy, and less-than-stellar performance reviews. Take a shower, shine your shoes, run a comb through your hair, eat breakfast, exercise. Do whatever it takes to make yourself look and feel professional. Your work (and your self esteem) will thank you!


Create a Designated Workplace and Work Hours


You don’t have to have a fancy desk. If you work well at the kitchen table, by all means type away! Just make sure the space is cleared of distractions, that you have all your files and supplies at your disposal, and if possible, invest in a supportive chair!


Just as you want to maintain a consistent work space, you should also keep a consistent schedule. If you work from 9-5, devote that time to your professional duties. If your boss promotes a flexible schedule, fantastic! However, don’t expect that this is a given!


Make Sure You Get Some Fresh Air


Truly, telecommuting can be an introverts dream, which is precisely why it’s important for you to get out and socialize after your work day and on weekends. Netflix Instant streaming is certainly an oasis, but no person is an island! If you’re having trouble meeting new people because you telecommute, consider joining a volunteer organization, book club, or intramural team! These are all great ways to meet people and let off some steam.


What’s Your Experience!


Do you work from home? What are some of the biggest challenges and/or greatest rewards from working and playing in the same space? Leave your comments in the space below!