Calling from Mexico


International calls to Mexico aren’t quite the same as international calls in America, and one should take heed while setting up an international toll-free number. Mexico does not follow the North American Numbering Plan, and has its own conventions. While it seems strange to those outside of Mexico, their international 800 number requires a conversion of sorts.


In order to call a US 800 number from Mexico, the proper country code is 01-880, instead of 01-800. In addition, to call an 866 number, one must change the 866 to 883 (ex. 01-883). 877 numbers are changed to 882 numbers, and 888 must be dialed as 881 instead. This seems a bit confusing, but with practice it will make a little more sense.


Local Telephone Number


There’s an easier way to field calls from Mexico. What many businesses have found to be more helpful is setting up a local number in Mexico that automatically forwards to an American number – or wherever else your headquarters or call center is located. Because it’s a virtual number, a business does not have to have a physical presence or a branch in Mexico. This will allow businesses who want to establish a presence in Mexico – beginning with a support number – to be able to advertise a local number and thus avoid international charges.


International numbers can often scare away customers because there’s always the uncertainty of being charged international rates. Obtaining a virtual number eliminates this risk and increases the number of calls your business will receive. Moreover, the forwarding service allows you to cut costs. International tolls can quickly become costly, and forwarding allows you to establish a local presence.


Local Telephone Number


Mexico is one of the United States’ largest trading partners, with 494 billion in total trade each year. Part of this large number is because Mexico is also a NAFTA member, which helps to streamline many customs and trade regulations. With the streamlined entry and elimination of barriers to trade, NAFTA countries are much easier to conduct daily business with, especially if one’s product is a physical object, rather than electronic or a service provided.


In addition to the increased trade under the National Export Initiative, FDI in Mexico was 452.5 Billion in 2012. This was an increase of about 7% from the previous year. Much of this FDI is intended to help Mexico’s infrastructure and streamline the operations of imports and exports, which makes Mexico an even better host country to open an operation.




When it comes to doing business in Mexico, there are a few things to remember. The toll free system is quite unconventional, so getting a virtual number is a much more efficient option. Moreover, many customers calling from Mexico will feel much more comfortable calling a local number, even if it’s forwarded back to the U.S. However, a forwarded number back to the U.S. will save your business a considerable amount of money versus paying the international tolls and rates. Mexico has been one of the top trading partners with the U.S. for decades, and Mexico is a NAFTA member, making regulations much easier and less burdensome and lowers the barriers to entry.


When it comes to obtaining a local number in Mexico, it only takes a few minutes and is a very easy process. Let us know below: How has a virtual number helped your business grow?