Instagram is a vital marketing tool for businesses big and small. But like any tool, it’s only effective if you know how to use it!


Who is on Instagram?


The social media platform boasts roughly 200 million users with 60 million people uploading pictures each day. That’s a gigantic, untapped audience!


How do you make the most of your Instagram app? Well… a few key strategies will elevate your company’s brand identity and grow your fan base.  Read on and learn how to be an Grammin’ Marketing Master!


Create a Visual Brand


It’s important that followers recognize your photos immediately. Therefore, attempt to be photographically consistent. Do you post product “glamour” shots, or are you more interested in lifestyle pictures? Do you favor certain filters, angles, and colors? Do you use text in your pictures? How about borders? Are your shots accompanied by long or short captions? These details may seem trivial, but a cohesive visual strategy allows you to garner a loyal Instagram following. Your audience will only align themselves with you if they appreciate your aesthetic, so keep it on brand!


Be Interactive


Part of Instagram’s popularity is due to this generation’s fervent desire to document their lives. So appeal to their self-reflective tendencies and invite users to participate!  Create interactive hashtags! This way, you’re starting a conversation with your client base while simultaneously analyzing their tendencies. This is priceless audience inquiry, and you’re getting it for free! Give back by doing product contests and giveaways!


Tell a Story


Whether you’re showcasing yourself, your company, or your worldview, the sum of your pictures, biography, and captions should all add to a compelling narrative. What do you want to say? Equally, what is your company’s story? What sets you apart from the noise? Once you figure out your story, decide how you’ll tell it!


Be sure to be as authentic as possible. If a picture is worth a thousand words, take time to ensure those thousand words are worth reading.


Promote Others, Not Just Yourself


Do you see another company doing fantastic work… or do you just really love your friend’s cute-cat Instagram account? Don’t keep those compliments to yourself! Give your friend a shout out! “Regram” one of their photos and encourage your followers follow them! Be a fan and you will gain more fans. Plus, it just plain feels nice to advocate for others.


Follow the Hashtags


There’s a good chance your audience is already out there, just waiting for you to find them. Follow their hashtag trail and see what they’re posting! That way, you can tailor your content to suit their needs/wants/sense of humor. However, don’t do this at the expense of “authenticity.” Be your best, social self and people will respond positively.




Find an instagram account that speaks to you. Like and comment on photos and that user will be more likely to follow you back! Remember, when you are generous with your time, your affirmations, and your information, your followers will be, too!


What do you think?


Have you found any marketing strategies to be particularly effective? Leave your stories and comments after the jump!