Are you one of those people who can’t hold a civil conversation before they’ve had their morning cup of joe? If so, you’re not alone; everyday 63% of Americans drink a cup of coffee in order to get them through their daily grind.


For many of us, skipping our A.M. coffee is simply NOT an option. We have trouble paying attention at work, we nod off at our desks, and we feel irritable! So why not just drink coffee all day long?


Well… some experts claim that we can really overdo it–that too many cups can actually decrease productivity. Read on as we examine our collective drug of choice, its health effects, and the best time of day to reach for your favorite beverage!


Your body already provides natural energy “bursts”


Much research suggests that our bodies intuitively “caffeinate” themselves throughout the day with the production of cortisol. Under normal circumstances (remember, everyone’s circadian rhythms are unique) cortisol peaks between 8 and 9 AM. This means that when you’re reaching of that cup of joe, your body is already caffeinating on its own. This double intake of energy can cause you to build a tolerance to cortisol, rendering that lovely buzz less effective. Yikes! But that’s not all…


Too much stress hormone


Besides building an unnatural tolerance, too much cortisol–which is also considered the stress hormone–can have negative effects on your health. You can put too much Try instead to consume coffee between 9:30-11:30 and 1:30-5:00 PM…basically after your morning commute and after lunch!


Coffee makes you more efficient, not more creative.


Contrary to some myths, coffee doesn’t enhance your talents. It simply boosts your speed! It’s a stimulant and can help you to get more done in a shorter period of time. However, consume too much, and you might experience adverse symptoms such as rapid heart rate, nervous sweat, trouble sleeping, nausea, headaches, frequent urination, anxiety and more. So if you need to do a deep clean of the whole house, by all means, have a strong cup of coffee. However, if you need to write an eloquent press release, you might be better off pursuing other modes of inspiration!


Ways to do coffee right:


  • Pair your coffee with a little sugar or some healthy fats to slow its absorption.
  • Skip the supersized “Venti” coffee and opt for smaller (and more frequent) doses
  • Seek out quality beans. Remember, quality is more important that quantity


Conscious Coffee Drinking – save the planet, one cup at a time


  • Invest in fair trade brands. Not only will your coffee be more delicious–inspiring you to consume less–but you will sleep easier (no pun intended) knowing you are promoting moral business practices.
  • If you go out for coffee every morning, consider using a reusable cup. You’ll be advocating for sustainability and you’ll look super chic!
  • Recycle your coffee grounds! They’re good for so many things!


Hopefully, our coffee guide has been educational and helpful! Three cheers for our favorite morning beverage! Huzzah, coffee drinkers!