Through the annals and eddas of every great empire, we behold epic battles that shaped the world we live in.  Through the rise and fall of nations, we witness the ebb and flow of political destinies.  These games and power plays are still in full swing, but now, the warlords are only watching… at home from their mobile devices.


Yes, the conquest has gone mobile, global, digital. and into the cloud.  The struggle for the throne has shifted onto a technological arena, and phone providers have taken the place of kings and caliphates.  But the competition is no less brutal, no less tragic, and certainly no less epic.


We’ve come a long way in this song of ISPs and Fibers, and it’s time this great saga was immortalized in the media from whence it came.   We commissioned our finest scribes to chronicle the legacy of mobile technology.   This infographic celebrates the winners, the losers, and the greatest champions in the ever-evolving game of phones.


Game of Phones

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