Effective Communication In Business 2016 – Whitepaper


Clear and effective communication is vital in all industries and walks of life. In the medical sector, for example, it is literally a case of life and death. According to a new report by CRICO Strategies, the body which risk assesses the Harvard medical community, bad communication in hospitals causes 2,000 deaths every year. Not only that, but the resulting malpractice suits are also costing facilities up to $1.7 billion annually.

While communication may not be a case of life and death for most businesses, it can mean the difference between a struggle and a success. To help businesses make sure they’re implementing proper communication strategies in the workplace, we’ve produced a 27-page report looking at how to ensure communication clarity.

With contributions from management consultant Tarah Keech and award-winning communication writer and lecturer, Phil Stella, our whitepaper provides detailed statistics and advice from the best in the business. The contents include:

• Methods of Communication
– Face-to-face
– Phone
– Email
– Social
• Internal and External Communication
– Communication between executives and employees
– Manager/employee relationships
– Effective communication between employees and customers/clients
• Skills
– How to handle conflict resolution situations with managers
– Resolving conflicts in the workplace
– Preparing for public speaking

Here’s an extract from our section on ‘negotiating’:

“Let’s narrow the topic to workplace presentations – team or company updates, meeting presentations, sales presentations, etc. And let’s assume that you are initiating the presentation, rather than responding to an instruction from management to deliver one. Here are best methods for success:

• Identify your specific objectives and intended outcomes of the presentation.
• Analyze thoroughly the primary audience’s demographics, psychographics, needs, attitudes, potential objections, etc.
• Plan the content to effectively accomplish those objectives for that audience in an efficient and engaging manner.”

Phil Stella, Effective Communication in Business 2016 – Toll Free Forwarding


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