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What is a Softphone?

Businesswoman using a headset to speak on the phone

From customer service centers to sales, one thing communication-based organizations need to run smoothly is an effective phone system.   If you’ve looked into phone systems for businesses, you’ve...

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An Extensive Guide to VOIP Headsets

VOIP headset in front of a telephone

Whether you work in telemarketing, customer service, recruitment, or just want excellent call quality when having a team meeting, one piece of equipment is essential – a VOIP headset.   From what to...

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A New Era for Internet Phones: Mobile VoIP

Internet Phones: Mobile VoIP

Mobile phones have become so common that many users forgo traditional landline telephones in lieu of one monthly phone bill. Fueled by the need for accessibility and cost-savings, mobile...

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A New Era for Internet Phones: Introduction

Internet Phones

Traditional landline telephones are quickly becoming obsolete as the presence of mobile phones and Voice over Internet Telephony (VoIP) continue to rapidly grow. The accessibility and low-cost of Internet-based...

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