It’s a well-known fact that the web is overloaded with content. Yet content marketing is still one of a brand’s greatest assets, meaning marketers are out there creating great content, but releasing it out into the void, unheard. In order to give your content the voice it deserves, you need to AMPLIFY. And content amplification goes beyond just sharing your content on social; it starts before you even begin creating your content. You need to think about audience and engagement from the very beginning, and when it comes time to publish, utilize multiple sharing strategies.


Want to learn more? Our infographic “Amplified: Cranking Your Content Up to 11,” outlines all the ways you can develop your own amplification strategy. From remarketing to influencer outreach, by amplifying your content, you can take your targeted content from obscurity to the top of the viral charts.


Amplified: Cranking Your Content Up to 11

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