We’ve all heard the buzzwords thrown around.   Tech gurus rave about the newest inter-operable, open-source, browser-based, scalable cloud platform and the software modules that give that platform mobile, global functionality.  Most of us nod with convincing  confidence as we discreetly look up half of those terms on our smartphone wikipedia apps.


But let’s be honest.  Sometimes, industry experts and lay people alike need a little help sifting through the fancy rhetoric for the real shape of things to come.   How much of this buzz is just static and how much of it indicates actual trends in technological innovation?


Gartner Inc recently published their own list of the top 10 strategic technology trends in the ever-spanning evolution of the IT world.  Drawing upon their insights and some of our own, we’ve compiled our own infographic of the 8 emerging tech trends you can’t afford to overlook!


So the next time you’re talking shop with an IT genius, tuck that concealed smartphone back into your pocket, because we’re giving you the 411 on the all the hottest water cooler talking points.  Trust us, this is a conversation you want to be in on!


8 Emerging Tech Trends You Can't Ignore!

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