Short on inspiration for New Year’s resolutions? Try looking at your smartphone or tablet. Is it a shiny toy or a real business tool? We can — and do — quibble over our favorite devices and operating systems. But it’s the apps that ultimately matter when it comes to productivity in the office and on the road. We lined up five apps to give your mobile device a boost in 2014, with an eye for folks that do business internationally.


1. Trello


Trello’s online project management application has garnered its fair share of fans — and then some — since launching in 2011. Suitable for both individual projects and team collaboration, the tool offers a free app for just about every major mobile platform.


2. Box


There’s a glut of cloud-based file sharing and storage apps out there, and that’s good news for small business owners, road warriors, and anyone else who needs to be able to share and access their information whenever, wherever. Box now offers a healthy 10 GB free for individual accounts, with the requisite mobile apps to match. The service has long catered to security-minded IT departments with its premium services, too.


3. Google Translate


No, Google Translate won’t make you instantly fluent in multiple languages. But it can be a quick tool for comprehension and communication when traveling to global markets or corresponding with potential business partners and customers abroad. Both the Android and iOS apps support speech-to-text translation in more than 70 languages,


4. WiFi Finder


If you travel often for business, you know the occasional hassle of finding reliable — and preferably free — WiFi access. This free app for iOS and Android devices can help you find nearby hotspots, both free and paid, in 145 different countries.


5. Expensify


This expense tracking and reporting app added bill processing and invoicing features to its online service earlier this year. It even recently added Bitcoin support. The core expense reporting tool turns just about any smartphone into a business expense tracker — no more manual entry of fistfuls of receipts.


Can you recommend any must-have business apps for the New Year? Please share in the comments section below.