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Archive: Mar 2014

How Cloud Technology Can Help You Go Global

How Cloud Tehcnology Can Help You Go Global

Having a global presence requires flexible, lightning-fast technology built on an expandable platform at a reasonable cost. Cloud technology provides all that and more.   Defining the Cloud The...

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The History of Long Distance Calling

You may not remember any form of communication prior to the iPhone 5, but it took a long time, and multiple inventions, to get there. In 6000 B.C., drums...

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Do you Have Boss Potential?


If you’re of sick of doing all of the work and reaping none of the reward, it may be time go into business for yourself. We’ve all thought about...

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Top 5 Benefits of SIP Servers

Top 5 BEnefits of SIP Servers

Many companies already rely on VoIP communications, but you might not be maximizing the potential of these telephony solutions. Businesses hoping to get the best return on their investment...

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