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Archive: Mar 2014

The History of Long Distance Calling

You may not remember any form of communication prior to the iPhone 5, but it took a long time, and multiple inventions, to get there. In 6000 B.C., drums...

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Business Etiquette: Asia

Business Etiquette Asia

When traveling abroad, it’s important to understand cultural differences and adhere to local customs. This knowledge of etiquette, body language, and attitudes can be the key to your success...

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Business Etiquette: South America

Business Etiquette South America

South America: great weather, even better food, fantastic music, and a thriving business culture. If you are looking for a place to establish your international business prowess, one of...

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Global Business Etiquette: Asia

Business Etiquette around the World - Asia

When dealing with international clients or potential partners, understanding cultural differences can make or break deals.   Did you know that in Japan, social behavior is one of the...

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