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Tourists have flocked to Bermuda for centuries because of the island's picturesque beaches, perfect weather and incredible array of resorts, natural beauty and marine activities. But Bermuda is much more than just a bunch of pretty beaches — it's one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and a haven for businesses from across the world. You can be in the center of it all with nothing more than a Bermuda phone number. Simply choose and activate your Bermuda toll-free number, and your business will be within reach of the country's wealthy residents and tourists alike. You don't need to open an office in the Caribbean to do business there. Simply set up a Bermuda virtual phone number and you'll be able to start receiving calls in minutes!


Bermuda: Modern, Connected and Business Friendly

Bermuda has a modern, well-equipped telecommunications network based in a state-of-the-art, fully automated digital trunk system. When fixed-line connections and mobile-cellular connections are included, the island has a ratio of 125 telephone connections for every 100 people. Your ads can find a home on any one of 13 radio stations, three TV stations, or through satellite and cable TV subscriptions. There are more than 20,000 Internet hosts serving more than 50,000 Internet users.


Reach the World's Elite Customers with a Bermuda Virtual Phone Number

With A Bermuda virtual phone number, you can give your business a direct connection to the island's high-end tourist market without actually going there — and you aren't only limited to one choice. You can pick a local number that your customers are familiar with and used to dialing. Local numbers enable your customers to call without having to remember any unfamiliar country codes or international numbers. Local numbers also make your business appear to be connected to the regional community. Or you can also choose a Bermuda Toll-Free Number. Toll-free numbers do two things. First, they let your customers reach you from a landline for free. But more importantly, people tend to associate them with big, established companies. Make your number even stronger by using local ringback tones that are specific to the caller's region.


Extra Features without Extra Cost

Your Bermuda phone number will be linked to a forwarding service that focuses on functionality. Your number can let you receive faxes through your email, and even send voicemails as email attachments. With cloud-based management, you can always scale your settings up or down at any time from anywhere. You maintain complete control over how and where all incoming calls are routed. Bermuda is a tiny island that is bursting with wealth. If you have the potential to expand into the Caribbean, Bermuda should be your first stop. Elite tourism and a strong financial sector make it an exciting market for any business to enter. But it isn't necessarily a country where you are able to establish a physical presence. But you don't need to go there to do business there. A Bermuda virtual phone number can hook your business up to all kinds of new customers in the tropics. Once you activate your account, it will be only a matter of minutes before you can receive calls!