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The Caribbean islands are all home to magnificent landscapes, beautiful beaches and temperate climates. But poverty and instability is the norm in much of the region — but not Barbados. Barbados is a wealthy, thriving island nation, which is home to modern infrastructure and a friendly business climate. The best news is that you don't have to go there to do business there. Simply establish a Barbados phone number, and you'll be plugged in right away. A Barbados virtual phone number is not associated with specific phone line, but is instead connected to our powerful forwarding system, which ensures that incoming calls will reach your business offices back home. Your Barbados toll-free number gives your new customers a way to reach out to you, and it gives your business a foothold in the islands without ever leaving home.


The Thriving Economy of Barbados is Just a Phone Call Away

Barbados is the perfect place to test your business's ability to expand into the islands. It is common for businesses to use Barbados's large, flourishing economy as an entry point into the greater Caribbean for their brand and supply chain. From there, many firms make the decision to extend into the tighter surrounding markets. This major leap starts with just one small step — setting up an international phone number with It all starts with a Barbados virtual phone number. Virtual numbers aren't linked to an individual phone line, but instead forward incoming calls to any line or number of lines that you choose. The details of your virtual number's routing options are always under your control.


Bold Features Give You Your Own Personalized Telecommunications Network

Time-of-day routing works on your schedule. This service pushes incoming calls to specific lines depending on when the calls were made. These routing schedules can be changed any time you want, and however often you want, through our cloud-based management system. Working from the cloud means you can always log in and alter your settings from any phone or mobile device, no matter where you happen to be. Calls can be sent to a fixed line like an office phone, or they can be routed to a mobile phone. Feel free to pick either a local number or a toll-free number. A Barbados toll-free number can give your business the prestige of a big corporation, and local numbers give callers the familiarity and comfort of a number they recognize. Either way, your customers won't ever know that their call is leaving their country and landing at the offices of a business headquartered across the ocean


A Forwarding Service That is all About Flexibility

With, there is never a commitment or contract, and you can stop using the service whenever you decide without any penalties. A free trial comes with every account. Just choose a number and get started! There are no setup fees or any intrusive activation process. Simply pick a number from our huge inventory, activate the account and you'll be ready to start receiving calls in about three minutes.