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Why should I get an Auto Attendant?

An auto attendant helps you route calls exactly where they need to go. Create your own voice menu (IVR — Interactive Voice Response) and our automated system will guide your callers to the right department to expedite their requests. You can record custom messages for all of your voice menu options. Our IVR system is designed to accommodate the voice menu needs of large call centers as well as small businesses.

Looking for a call forwarding solution?


Unlimited Extensions

Your new phone number can have as many extensions as you need. And those extensions can ring to various geographical locations around the world. Your 3- to 6-digit extensions can go to a person, a voice menu or VoiceMail2MyEmail. Using extensions with your new phone number makes it easy to route calls to the right person at the right time, especially if you have offices in different locations.


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Start your free trial using the drop-down menus above. Simply choose your new phone number in Step 1, and the existing phone number where your auto attendant will answer calls in Step 2. Our activation process only takes a few minutes.


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