1800 Numbers

About USA/Canada Toll Free (True 800)

Boost your business in the US with a 1800 number


Looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to take your business further?

A 1800 number gives you flexibility to grow your business and give it a prestigious presence without you having to break the bank - all from your existing office.

TollFreeForwarding.com offers 1800 numbers that boost the perception of your business to US customers. Each number includes some fantastic smart features such as call forwarding, as well as sequential and simultaneous ringing, at no extra cost to you.

It’s simple to use and even easier to start! Just select a number from our huge inventory and we’ll activate it in 60 seconds.

Either way, it will bring your business instant recognition. Even if you’re a small operation with a single office, a TollFreeForwarding.com 1800 number can help create a market perception that your company is credible and bigger.

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Appeal to your customers and avoid blowing the budget on new offices

In business you want to stand out from the pack so your customers notice. The easier and more appealing you make it for your customers the more inclined they’ll be to call you. A TollFreeForwarding.com 1800 number is a great way to do that, offering instant recognition.

Your customers will be able to contact you, free of charge, wherever you happen to be, using either a landline or mobile phone. And with international call forwarding and other features, you can configure your number so that it can be picked up anywhere on any existing line or multiple lines.

And with our 24/7 online control center, you’ll be able to manage your call routing and make changes as you need them.


Enhance your rapport with customers using a 1800 number

Here are just a few reasons why a TollFreeForwarding.com 1800 number is right for your business:

  • Portability - if you’re not happy with your existing service provider and want to take your number with you to TollFreeForwarding.com, then you can RespOrg your existing toll free number to us
  • Perception - If you’re a small operation with just a single office, a 1800 number can give the market an impression that you’re bigger. That can be a handy way of enticing other customers to reach out to you
  • Centralization - if your employees are spread all over the country, you can use a single 1800 number for them to report into head office.
  • Enhance customer relationships - a 1800 number provides a way for your customers to call you free of charge, wherever they are and wherever you are.